A customized logistics to satisfy our clients.

The following example illustrates Heineken’s goal to structure its logistics in order to avoid a restaurant stoppage and optimize flow with its clientele. The implemented logistic solution to optimize flow between the Heineken brewery and the totality of its clientele concluded with the construction of a 30,000 m² building in Strasburg.

equiped warehouses

GONDRAND knew how to point out its qualities in the report in order to create and validate a logistic solution project adapted to the needs of our client and which responds, technically and qualitatively, to Heineken’s problems.
This site obtained the ISO 9001 certification -version 2000- in all its activities.

Hazardous materials logistics

 GONDRAND offers complete services in this area through its agent VICTOR MARTINET, located in France Tel : 33 (0)1 39 37 40 40
Logistics related to hazardous products is subject to complex legislation that demands constant rigor.

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products (raw materials).
  • FIFO management with product codes, lot numbers, fabrication or expiration dates.
  • Product warehouse intended for use by the pharmaceutical industry (special authorizations).
  • Product warehouse for animal food (special authorizations).
  • Site classified as CEVESO lower limit. Classification categories for inflammable liquids and solids, fitosanitary, corrosive and abrasive.
  • Transit center for industrial wastes (creation and registration of BDSI declarables in the Prefecture).
  • Management and follow-up of product samples and analysis certificates.
  • Follow-up of products, quarantine and return on lot.
  • Our own ADR equipped trucks, authorized to transport waste.
  • Safety consultants.
  • Customs warehouse.
  • Registered operator (under N° 1929R1200) for storage and liquidation of petroleum products (TIPP perception and TGAP payment for client accounts).


GONDRAND is present in the logistics and distribution areas for hanging clothes.

• Warehouse with capacity for 100,000 pieces.
• Packaging – labeling – anti-theft stickers.
• Order preparation.
• Computerized administrative management.
• Customized services.
• National and International Distribution.


Weapons Transport :

A division authorized by the Defense Ministry to transport military material.
The weapons transport cell is structured to manage the specifics inherent with this activity weapons.

Some participation examples :

Dispatching of an Antonov 124 to transport Leclerc tanks to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Greece, and Turkey.

Fair exhibition


• Gondrand Network in France and abroad (road – air – sea)
• Our own network of representatives specialized in fairs–exhibitions


– PARIS-GARONOR (93) marc.clouet@gondrand.fr
– LYON EUREXPO (69) jean-pierre.ughetto@gondrandlyon.com

Before the exhibition:

• Customs (import-export)
• EATA Card preparation
• Maritime – Air – Land Transport
• House Pick-up
• Packaging

During the exhibition:

• Stand Set up and Installation
• Empty package collection, storage and return
• Any kind of on-site maintenance
• On-site Assistance

Some participation examples:

• Theater Tours – Stage Set Transport
• Private Representations
• International Summits (G8)
• First stone placement
• Congresses

What makes us special?

As a European company with a worldwide presence, we offer our customers a comprehensive service portfolio.

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Warehousing Service
Ground Transport
Logistic Services

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